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Available football programmes are listed by club (in alphabetical order) and by season (in chronological order). Only home football programmes are shown for each club.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Try the Portsmouth FC football programmes section for your club versus Pompey, home and away.



Newcastle United

73-74: Chelsea
Birmingham City, Peterborough United FAC3R
Preston North End
Shrewsbury Town (Tr) 15p
Leeds United, Nottingham Forest
00-01: Charlton Athletic, Leyton Orient LC2
01-02: Bolton Wanderers, Brentford LC2, Chelsea, Derby County (4),
Ipswich Town LC4, Manchester United (4), Southampton,
Sporting Lokeren Intertoto 3 (4), Troyes Aube Champagne Intertoto Final (2),
TSV 1860 Munich Intertoto S/F (6)

Newport County

77-78: Exeter City FAC1, York City

Northampton Town

79-80: Doncaster Rovers (Newspaper style) £1
81-82: Scunthorpe United
94-95: Lincoln City, Walsall
95-96: Mansfield Town


Norwich City

74-75: Bristol Rovers, Oldham Athletic
QPR, Stoke City
Bristol City, Derby County
West Bromwich Albion
Charlton Athletic
86-87: West Ham United
87-88: Swindon FAC3R (SOB) 30p
89-90: Manchester United
99-00: Fulham, Fulham LC2, QPR
00-01: Burnley, Preston North End, Sheffield Wednesday
02-03: Brighton & Hove Albion, Burnley, Reading, Stoke City, Wimbledon, Wolverhampton Wanderers


Nottingham Forest

68-69: Southampton
Bristol Rovers (2)
Everton (TC), Norwich City
79-80: Liverpool FAC4 (Mkd), Oesters EC1, Wolverhampton Wanderers
81-82: Brighton & Hove Albion
82-83: Brighton & Hove Albion
87-88: Luton Town
01-02: Bradford City, Stockport County, Stockport County LC2, Rotherham United
02-03: Preston North End, Sheffield Wednesday, Watford


Notts County

73-74: Luton Town
76-77: Derby County LC3R/Oldham (Joint Issue - Newspaper Style) £1.50
86-87: Brentford
98-99: AFC Bournemouth, Bristol Rovers, Fulham, Macclesfield Town, Wigan Athletic
01-02: Colchester United, Swindon Town, Tranmere Rovers



Oldham Athletic

78-79: Luton Town
81-82: Charlton Athletic
85-86: Crystal Palace


See Leyton Orient

Oxford United

70-71: Burnley FAC3
Middlesbrough (Inc FLR)
77-78: Peterborough United (Newspaper style) £1, Shrewsbury Town (Newspaper style) £1
78-79: Southend United (Newspaper style) £1,
80-81: Aldershot (Cr) 30p
Bristol City
89-90: AFC Bournemouth


Peterborough United

70-71: Southend United (Cr) 30p
72-73: Reading
74-75: Middlesbrough FAC5
77-78: Chester City, Hereford United, Oxford United, Scunthorpe LC2
78-79: Carlisle United (Tr) 30p
80-81: Manchester City FAC5
91-92: Ipswich Town (Fr) £1.50
01-02: Darlington FAC3R

Plymouth Argyle

67-68: Birmingham City (Mkd, WIC) 40p
73-74: Halifax Town (Tr) 25p
Chelsea LC2 (Newspaper Style) £2
Shrewsbury Town
Oxford United LC2R,
Fulham, Oxford United
86-87: Millwall


Please visit our dedicated Portsmouth FC section for all Pompey home and away football programmes against your team.


Port Vale

81-82: Mansfield Town
90-91: Watford
91-92: Cambridge United
98-99: Tranmere Rovers


Preston North End

74-75: Brighton & Hove Albion
Exeter City, Hereford United
Bradford City, Burnley, Derby County, Gillingham, Leicester City, Millwall, Nottingham Forest, Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday, Scunthorpe United LC1, Stoke City, Walsall, Watford



Queens Park

81-82: Clydebank

Queens Park Rangers

66-67: Gillingham, Grimsby Town
Burnley LC4
Norwich City
Coventry City
Coventry City, Middlesbrough
77-78: Manchester United, Wolverhampton Wanderers
81-82: Blackburn Rovers
84-85: Stoke City
87-88: Wimbledon
89-90: Arsenal FAC4R, Luton Town
90-91: Coventry City
96-97: Sheffield United
00-01: Gillingham (2)
02-03: Bristol City


Raith Rovers

84-85: Cowdenbeath


02-03: Dunfermline Athletic


60-61: Bournemouth
65-66: Exeter City
66-67: Workington
79-80: Sheffield Wednesday
Colchester United, Northampton Town
77-78: Brentford
78-79: Wimbledon
79-80: Sheffield Wednesday
02-03: Rotherham United



61-62: Exeter City
62-63: Brentford, Tranmere Rovers
63-64: Lincoln City
Crewe Alexandra
Crewe Alexandra
67-68: Luton Town
Scunthorpe United
Carlisle, Darlington, Hartlepool United, Wrexham, York City


Rotherham United

59-60: Aston Villa, Brighton & Hove Albion, Brighton & Hove Albion (FAC4), Bristol City, Cardiff City, Huddersfield Town, Stoke City, Swansea Town
Luton Town
65-66: Carlisle United
68-69: Luton Town
74-75: Barnsley
75-76: Crystal Palace
Arsenal LC2
82-83: Oldham Athletic
01-02: Barnsley (5), Bradford City LC2 (4), Burnley, Coventry City (2), Crewe Alexandra FAC4 (2), Grimsby Town (4), Preston North End, Sheffield United (3), Walsall (2)
02-03: Bradford City (3), Burnley (5), Carlisle United LC1 (4), Gillingham, Millwall (4), Preston North End (4), Sheffield United (2), Sheffield Wednesday (4), Stoke City (5), Wimbledon (4)

Rushden & Diamonds

01-02: Darlington




88-89: Rochdale

Scunthorpe United

84-85: Aldershot
99-00: Oxford United, Preston North End, Wigan Athletic
00-01: Hartlepool United FAC1, Macclesfield Town
01-02: Macclesfield Town
02-03: Rochdale

Sheffield United

67-68: Southampton
Birmingham City
74-75: Derby County
75-76: Sheffield Wednesday CC £1.25
76-77: Southampton (SOF)
Blackburn Rovers (Tr) 20p, River Plate Fr £1.50
Brighton and Hove Albion
86-87: Millwall
91-92: Crystal Palace, QPR
99-00: Stockport County
00-01: Barnsley, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Burnley, Colchester United LC2, Crewe Alexandra, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Gillingham, Grimsby Town, Lincoln City LC1, Norwich City, Nottingham Forest, Preston North End, QPR, Stockport County, Tranmere Rovers, Watford, West Bromwich Albion
01-02: Barnsley (4), Coventry City (4), Crystal Palace, Gillingham (2), Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday (5), Stockport County (4), Wolverhampton Wanderers (4)
02-03: Watford


Sheffield Wednesday

66-67: Manchester United
87-88: Manchester United
Manchester United, Norwich City (MOB)
89-90: Manchester City
90-91: Bristol Rovers
96-97: Middlesbrough
97-98: Blackburn Rovers FAC4
98-99: Aston Villa (Cr)
00-01: Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers, Grimsby Town (5),
Huddersfield Town (4), Nottingham Forest (5), Oldham Athletic LC2,
Preston North End, Stockport County (4), Tranmere Rovers, Watford, Wimbledon


Shrewsbury Town

82-83: Burnley
86-87: Barnsley, Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers, Brighton & Hove Albion, Crewe Alexandra LC1, Hull City LC3, Liverpool - Bob Wardle Testimonial (Cr) £1
00-01: Barnet, Hartlepool United



59-60: £3.50p each, unless stated (Number of copies in brackets)
Accrington Stanley, Bradford City, Grimsby Town, Reading, Tranmere Rovers, York City

60-61: £3.50 each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Charlton Athletic, Huddersfield Town, Ipswich Town, Ipswich Town FAC3, Leeds United, Leyton Orient FAC4, Liverpool, Middlesbrougn, Norwich City, Plymouth Argyle, Sheffield United, Stoke City, Sunderland, Swansea Town

61-62: £3 each, unless stated (Number of copies in brackets)
Brighton & Hove Albion, Bristol Rovers, Charlton Athletic, Leyton Orient, Liverpool, Stoke City, Sunderland, Sunderland FAC3, Swansea Town, Walsall

62-63: £2.75 each, unless stated (Number of copies in brackets)
Bury, Cardiff City, Luton Town, Middlesbrough, Preston North End,
Scunthorpe United

64-65: £2.50 each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Charlton Athletic, Crystal Palace

65-66: £2 each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Crystal Palace

66-67: £1.75 each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Aston Villa, Burnley, Chelsea, Fulham (2), Leeds United, Liverpool, Newcastle United, Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, Stoke City,
West Bromwich Albion, West Ham United

67-68: £1.50 each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Arsenal, Burnley, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham (2), Leeds United, Liverpool,
Manchester City, Manchester United (2), Newcastle United,
Nottingham Forest, Sheffield United (2), Sheffield Wednesday, Stoke City (2),
Sunderland, Tottenham Hotspur, West Bromwich Albion,

68-69: £1.25 each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Everton, Ipswich Town, Leeds United, Oxford United FAC3R, West Ham United

69-70: £1 each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Nottingham Forest (inc FLR)

70-71: £1 each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Crystal Palace

71-72: £1 each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Coventry City

72-73: £1 each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Chelsea, Crystal Palace , Sheffield United,
Wolverhampton Wanderers

73-74: £1 each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Leicester City (Tr)

75-76: £1 each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Blackpool FAC4

77-78: £1 each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Luton Town

£1 each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Arsenal FAC6 (Part of Arsenal's successful Cup run) £1

£1 each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Tottenham Hotspur

80p each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Arsenal, Brighton & Hove Albion (TC)

81-82: 80p each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)
Brighton & Hove Albion

98-99: £1.10 each, unless stated (Number of copies available in brackets)


Southend United

72-73: Aldershot LC1
Stockport County
Newport County
Carlisle United
Bolton Wanderers LC2 (Cr)
West Ham Fr/Wimbledon Group Cup (Joint programme) £1
89-90: Halifax Town
98-99: Doncaster Rovers FAC1
01-02: Scunthorpe United


Stockport County


Stoke City

62-63: Swansea Town
Aston Villa, Burnley, Chelsea (TM), Everton (TM), Fulham (2), Newcastle United (2), Sheffield United
Leeds United
73-74: Manchester United
Newcastle United
Brighton & Hove Albion
Barnsley, Millwall, Notts County, Piacenza AIC (Tr), Port Vale, Reading
01-02: Peterborough United


64-65: Blackburn Rovers
Oldham Athletic Anglo-Scottish Cup (Tr) 15p
Plymouth Argyle, Shrewsbury Town, West Bromwich Albion
88-89: West Ham United LC2


Swansea City

78-79: Newport County LC1
81-82: Stoke City
86-87: Burnley, Cambridge United, Colchester United, Exeter City,
Hartlepool United, Hereford United LC1 (2), Newport County, Walsall
98-99: Brentford, Hartlepool United, Hull City, Mansfield Town,
Scunthorpe United


Swindon Town

63-64: Bury (WOF, SIC), Derby County (WOF, SIC), Grimsby (WOF, SIC), Leyton Orient (WOF, SIC), Norwich City (WOF), Scunthorpe United (WOF, SIC), Southampton (2)
65-66: Workington
66-67: Brighton & Hove Albion, Peterborough United, Swansea Town
67-68: Salisbury Town FAC1
69-70: Sheffield United
70-71: Norwich City
72-73: Hull City
77-78: Carlisle United, Plymough Argyle, Port Vale
80-81: Walsall (Mkd)
82-83: Bristol City, Darlington
85-86: Cambridge United
89-90: AFC Bournemouth (Mkd)
91-92: Aston Villa FAC5


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